CareApo24 helps you by innovating your pharmacy into a 24/7 point of contact for the best care by automating routine processes (picking up orders) and strengthening your location through sales and customer loyalty even outside opening hours.

    CareApo24 – the best care for your customers – 24 hours a day

    About CareApo24

    CareApo24 is a digital vending machine, available in two versions for your customers’ 24/7 supply

    With up to 500 different products, ready for 24/7 direct sales, CareApo24 can be either integrated into your storefront or located at remote locations.

    CareApo24 Terminal is also suitable for storefront integration, obtaining all over-the-counter items directly from your pharmacy robot. Exactly like CareApo24, the frontend control is through a large touch display with intuitive and efficient menu navigation.

    • 24/7 DIRECT SALES

      without restrictions due to shop opening hours! A convenient customer experience at any time of the day.

    • 24/7 PICK-UP

      for pre-orders

    • 100% DIGITAL

      with web shop and warehouse management, a unique user experience, and integration with pharmacy systems.


    • Increased Revenue through 24/7 Sales

      An “automated” extension for products availability implies a higher level of service for your customers – conveniently and contactless.

    • Strengthen your local position

      You boost the local level of supply with 24/7 direct sales as well as the “Order & Collect” service – you are faster, more flexible, and more convenient than any online shipment!

    • Use CareApo24’s enormous product variety

      Almost all products can be sold via CareApo24 / CareApo24 Terminal and assortment changes can be made very fast, without any additional tool.

    • More time for counsel

      Instead of tying up your team’s resources with routine tasks, self-service frees them up for more valuable activities like consulting.

    • Simple and intuitive software

      You can offer an easy-to-use, but modern user interface (UX, user experience) to your clients and employees, including the possibility of remote maintenance, thanks to intuitive and logical software design.

    • Analysis and Data Synchronization

      Your merchandise management system and sales journal can be linked to CareApo24 / CareApo24 Terminal, allowing you to study customer behavior and optimize your product portfolio.

    • Compliance and documentation

      Processes recording and documentation are in accordance with all protection and reporting standards

    • 100% Made in Austria

      We are always available for assistance and support, and by working with us, you are strengthening the regional economic cycle.


    CareApo24 is a fully digital system that is ready-to-use, providing a web- shop user experience and numerous digital functionalities. All inventory and changes data is stored in the cloud, where it is managed and synchronized with your pharmacy software (e.g. with one click, a price change is automatically synchronized on all devices, etc.)

    • User Experience

      A transaction is equivalent to the UX of the web shop purchase – product delivery in less than 30 seconds. Web store with product descriptions, multilingual menus, and simple menu navigation.

    • Immediate goods issue

      Every reserved or purchased product becomes available immediately – faster than any delivery or online order!

    • Flexibility

      Dynamic pricing, cashless payment, shopping cart, and collective checkout

    • Merchandise Management

      API-based stock management in the pharmacy system; remote access and maintenance; administration

    • Outstanding sales performance

      Transaction journal, as well as data analysis, sales journal, and sales register

    • Smart Data

      Data generation in the digital and physical purchasing processes

    • Admin

      Management of users, customers, and hardware, as well as data logging and notifications


    • System Width

      CareApo24 min. 150 cm (Customized Assembly)
      CareApo24 Terminal min. 80 cm (Customized Assembly)

    • System Height

      CareApo24 min. 210 cm, CareApo24 Terminal min. 120 cm

    • System Depth

      CareApo24 95 cm, CareApo24 Terminal from 40 cm (Installation Depth excluding housing)

    • Space Requirement

      CareApo24 1.25 to 7.5 m2
      CareApo24 Terminal from 0.50 to 0.75 m2

    • Front Element

      for portal installation with screen up to 32″, at least Full HD

    • Independent sale

      For all products that do not require a prescription

    • Pickup

      of stored products (with or without payment) after consultation

    • Connections

      230 volts, LAN, WWKS2

    • Integration

      for card readers, scanners, etc., receipt printing, payment, cash register

    • API software Interfaces

      for connecting CareApo24 / CareApo24 Terminal to the pharmacy software

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