AnyPay24 – Hospitality Management Solutions – Optimization of the Hospitality Management Services with IoT services, integrated in your IT landscape at your locations.

AnyPay24 is ideal for organizations with heterogeneous locations and personnel. AnyPay24 offers a range of self-service hospitality management solutions that are convenient and cost-effective.


Added Value with our Hospitality Management Solutions



AnyPay24 – Comprehensive Backoffice-Portal:

AnyPay24‘s back office portal allows you to collect and store data about consumers, suppliers, products, processes and more. This data can be used to track and analyze trends, make informed decisions, and improve operational efficiency.

The portal offers reporting and controlling tools that companies can use to monitor and control their hospitality operations. These tools enables you to create reports, analyse data and make informed decisions based on real-time information.

All machine events are captured and queried via the MDB interface (DTS, DXS, ST, SD1, G85, SE and DXE events). The traffic light system gives a clear view of the current status of your machines. Furthermore, dynamic settings (discounts, user groups, operating times, etc.) can be made.

AnyPay24‘s back office portal streamlines hospitality operations by centralizing almost all processes. Regardless of the number of locations managed, the physical location of the facilities, the number of suppliers or the supplier’s domain, the portal provides a central place to manage all operations.

The portal’s multi-location management feature allows you to manage their facilities, suppliers and employees across multiple locations. This feature simplifies operations by providing a single platform to manage all sites, regardless of their physical location.

AnyPay24 – Consumer-Friendly System for Hospitality Management Optimization:

AnyPay24 offers a consumer-friendly app that improves engagement with guests, employees, students and others. The app provides a seamless experience for accessing hospitality services and making purchases/consumption. AnyPay24 is adaptable to the needs of various industries such as enterprises, hotels, schools, hospitals, and much more.

Customers make cashless purchases using electronic payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, QR codes or mobile payments.

A web-based app, leads a convenient customer experience when interacting with a hospitality device (vending machine, smart cooler etc.)
The app features an intuitive multilingual interface that makes it easy for customers to browse available items, select their desired products and start the payment process. The app can also offer loyalty programs, personalized recommendations and a feedback mechanism.

AnyPay24’s frontend allows companies to apply and control hospitality policies (e.g. “1+1” promotions) via software. This feature ensures that policies are implemented consistently and accurately.

The frontend of AnyPay24 allows quick access to hospitality services using various identification methods – employee card, room card, QR code etc. This feature reduces waiting times and improves the consumer experience.

Voice/Facial Recognition


Facility Management Integration – commissioning AnyPay24:

  • Connect AnyPay24 system via API to the property management system (PMS) of the hotel or restaurant management system.
  • Plug in AnyPay24 device into machine (e.g. coffee machine) and establish local network connection or
    Connect the AnyPay24 device to the MDB port of the machine.
  • Set-up the client in the AnyPay24 administration portal via web browser.

  • AnyPay24 device connects instantly.
  • Scan the QR code sticker and link it to respective AnyPay24 account via smartphone & adjust network settings.

  • Done! Installation in less than 5 minutes.
    Now, you can plug in add-ons like card reader of cashless payment device, key card system, RFID devices etc.

Consumer Journey – checkout via mobile payment:

  • Scan the QR code sticker on the vending machine to open the AnyPay24 web app.

  • User registration (name, e-mail) at first access only

  • Top up credit via digital wallet, credit card etc. 

  • Purchase done = check-out & vending machine will dispense product

Consumer Journey – checkout via payment with card:

  • Set card on cashless payment device

  • Choose product on vending machine.

  • Purchase done = check-out & vending machine will dispense the product


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